Miss Sake India

A life-changing opportunity for the Indian girls in the age group of 25 to 35 years

  • A golden opportunity to become an ambassador for the Sake, the cuisine, the culture & the craft of Japan.
  • Become a centre of attraction of all activities /events planned around Sake in India
  • Get invited for official /corporate and Diplomatic events & get paid for it by the organisers
  • Share Indian Culture from the stage at the Finale event
  • Enjoy a free trip to Japan for the finale of the 2020 Miss Sake Japan in Kyoto in March
  • Chance to meet Miss Sake Cultural Ambassadors from other countries including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Vietnam, Australia and Shanghai
  • Chance to build your contacts with important people of corporate world, government, diplomatic corps and influencers
  • Chance to shape up your future and chase your dreams

The Idea of Miss Sake

Miss Sake India project is aimed at selecting a Cultural Ambassador to share a love and understanding of sake, Japanese cuisine and the charm of Japanese culture

Began in 2013 in Japan, Miss Sake contest has now expanded to six countries including India.

Miss Sake Contest in Japan is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries; Ministry of Economy, Trade & Industry; Ministry of Environment; National Tax Agency ; Japan Tourism Agency; Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters; The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA); Japan Sake and Shochu Makers Association; and Japan Sake Brewers Association Junior Council.

Objectives :

  • To choose an ambassador from India to promote the Japanese culture, art and craftsmanship
  • To celebrate Japanese culture with Indian flavor
  • Promotion and education of the enjoyment of sake
  • Promotion of Japanese cuisine, regional food and agriculture

Few facts:

  • First Miss Sake was chosen in 2013 in Japan
  • First international Miss Sake was held in New York, USA
  • More than 900 applicants apply for the contest
  • Miss Sake 2020 will be hosted in Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, China, Vietnam & now in INDIA
  • Finale will take place in Japan

Miss Sake India 2020:

Over the years, Sake has gained popularity across the world and has become a true ambassador of Japan’s beautiful culture & traditions

In the present times, the India – Japan relationship is at its all-time best, and the bond between these two ancient civilisations has deepened

Indians have started appreciating Japanese food and beverages as is evident from the mushrooming authentic Japanese restaurants in India

Regional Rounds

You can become Miss Sake India 2020

  • Wearing the crown of first-ever Miss Sake India is a huge opportunity
  • If you are seek an eloquent, charming individual with a good understanding of Japanese culture, Sake, Japanese food & craft, you are good to go
  • The successful candidate will be a spokesperson at many cultural events and will engage the community to share your passion for Japan.

Miss Sake India’s responsibilities

  • Strengthening of bond between Japan & India
  • Promotion and education of the enjoyment of sake
  • Promotion of Japanese cuisine & its signature food
  • Promotion of Japanese culture, art and craftsmanship

Avail this chance to create a history and write your destiny. Send your application to misssakeindia@gmail.com